Access Database Repair

In many cases, we tend to use passwords to protect our documents and databases. Although introducing passwords to your precious files is a very smart approach, it can be chaos if you forget the passwords. In that case, you will have engaged in some tiresome work to recover the passwords and use your files once again. Apart from forgotten passwords, files become unusable because of potential damages as well. We focus mainly on Access Databases in this article and what if you have a corrupted MDB file to recover? In this case, the best solution would be to contact an expert who can repair file-formats including Access databases.

Why do MDB files corrupt?

Three main reasons can make MDB files corrupted;

  • A corrupted database can occur as a result of interrupted Write Operation

Some individuals tend to close Access without adhering to the proper process. For instance, if you shut down the system abnormally without clicking on the Exit or Close option on Access interface, that can corrupt the database. This usually happens if you manually shut down the PC or even due to power failures while the database is opened.

  • Due to malfunctioning of your networking hardware

In some cases, MDB can occur due to an outside cause as well. For instance, if one or more components in the networking hardware are malfunctioning while the database is open, the respective database can get corrupted. This issue can occur in components like network interface cards, hubs, ports, network cabling, routers, etc. In general, these errors tend to recur as long as you don’t repair or replace the faulty hardware.

  • Using another program to open and save MDB files

MDB files can become corrupted if you open it in another program and save it in the same. For instance, you can open MDB files in MS Word. It also allows you to save it. If you do that, you will see that MDB file prompts for a database password when you open it in Access. Interestingly, it happens even if the respective file is not protected with a password.

What can you do to fix MDB files that are corrupted or password protected?

In many cases, password protected or corrupted files can be recovered if you handle it properly. However, to recover it, you should adhere to a very careful procedure. If not, you will eliminate all the chances to recover the file and the respective file can become completely irrecoverable. So, the best approach is allowing a professional expert to handle the recovery process. One of the best examples is E-Tech. All you need to do is to duly fill the simple form available on our website and submit it. The rest will be looked after by us.


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