Access Database Repair

Access databases of your business can contain very important data so you cannot afford to lose those files. However, due to various reasons, your Access database files can corrupt and become totally inaccessible.

How can an Access database get corrupted?

An Access Database can get corrupted due to three main reasons. Mentioned below are those reasons for your reference.

  • An interrupted write operation

If you don’t properly close or exit your Access Database, there is a big chance for it to be corrupted. If by any chance, the database is suddenly shut down while writing some data to it, its Jet database engine can mark the file as a corrupted or a suspected one. Losing power or manual shut down while working on an Access Database is one of the better examples of such a situation.

  • Due to a malfunctioning networking hardware

Apart from the involvement of the Jet database engine, Access Databases can corrupt due to external causes as well. Sometimes, Access Databases can become inaccessible or corrupted due to faulty hardware on the computer where the respective database is currently being opened. This can happen due to faulty network interface cards, network cables, hubs, routers, etc.

  • Launching an Access Database file in a different application

If you open an Access Database in a different application and save it with a file format other than MDB, the file becomes inaccessible permanently. For instance, if you open an Access Database in MS Word and save it as a Word file, it becomes inaccessible. Even if you open it, there will be nothing more than extended characters in the file. Also, it may prompt you to enter a database password (even if you have not set a password for it).

Access Database Repair Service

Your Access Database file is exceptionally important for you. It can contain data you cannot afford to lose. However, the problem is that it can be very difficult to repair a corrupted Access Database. In that case, you should seek the assistance of a professional like us at E-Tech. Our process is very simple. All you have to do is to send the respective data file to us and we will get back to you after analyzing the file.


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